Visa Application: 
The visa application process for Russia is online. Please complete the online application and provide one completed and signed set of visa forms.

*Former Ukrainian & Soviet Citizens - You must provide a copy of your Ukrainian/Soviet passport and a letter stating the details of your immigration to the United States.

*Former Russian Citizens - In accordance with Russian law, you must provide evidence of your renunciation of Russian citizenship. Acceptable documents are:

  • An official document confirming your renunciation of your Russian visa
  • A stamped copy of your USSR passport stating that you have left the USSR prior to February 6th, 1992 and became a permanent resident to a country of abroad.
  • A copy of Israeli visa issued to you prior to February 6th, 1992.
  • A signed statement by the applicant stating in detail for the loss of Russian citizenship in case any of the above documents are not in your possession.

*If a child was born to Russian parents, in accordance to Article 12 of Russian law, the child is automatically eligible to apply for a Russian passport. The place of birth does not affect the process. In this case, a Russian visa is not necessary. Also, if the name of the child is endorsed to one of the parents' (valid) passports, a Russian visa will not be necessary for the child.

Please be advised that you may be contacted for an interview by the Russian Consulate at their discretion.

*Also please note we will need a copy of your login + password to your application in order to make amendments.
Passport Requirements: 
Please submit your valid and signed passport with a minimum validity of greater than six months and at least two or more blank visa page. If additional pages are needed or if your passport needs to be renewed, please follow this link:
Photograph Requirements: 
Two most recent passport-style photograph (2x2) with light background. Homemade photos are not acceptable.
Documents Required: 
  • Russian Invitation Letter (Single, double or multiple) - An official invitation (original document only, no copies are permitted) from the host in Russia is required. You may only use an original form originating from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please refer to the example (click here) or applicant may send a telex number with host's organization name, which may be used as well.
  • For 3-Year Visas - As of July 10th, 2014, all applicants are encouraged to apply for a 3 year visa for multiple entry. The process may take up to 15 business days. This process cannot be expedited. Please be advised if you do not wish to apply for a 3-year visa, the consulate will require a signed statement of your request. Please click here for a sample as to how your letter should be written. For further information, feel free to contact us with any additional questions.
Consular Fees: 

Visa Type

Processing Time

Price (USD)


4-20 Business days
3 Business days



4-20 Business days
3 Business days



4-20 Business days
3 Business days


Single-Entry Transit Visas

4-20 Business days
3 Business days


Double-Entry Transit Visas

4-20 Business Days
3 Business days


Temporary Residency Visas

Irrespective of Processing Time


Three (3) year multiple entry



DMS Fees: 

Processing Type

Price (USD)

Standard (7-10 days)


Expedite (3-5 days)


Super Rush (2-3 days)


Return Fees: 
Cost (USD) Process Time
$30.00 Next day up to 3 passports in the continent
$40.00 Next day up to 4 passports in the continent
$50.00 Saturday delivery in the continent
Call for price quote (202) 745-3815 For international delivery
Call for price quote (202) 745-3815 For Alaska, Puerto Rico, USVI, and Hawaii
Order Form: 

Please print and complete the order form below, and mail/return it to us at our office.

Mail Documents: 
Please mail your documents to:
DMS Visa International
1775 Eye Street N.W.
Suite 1150
Washington, DC 20006